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We are an international organization that supports universal access to legal, effective and safe abortion. We operate like a 24/7 pharmacy, delivering abortion pills to any place in the world. Based on our own experience, we recommend pharmacologically induced abortion as the only form of termination of pregnancy

Our team includes gynecologists, trained medical consultants and active researchers. We associate specialists from 4 continents.

I will buy abortion pills, I will sell a miscarriage kit, how much can abortion drugs cost.

There are many such advertisements on the Internet. Both distributors and women in need of help advertise. Our organization answers not only sales questions. In the first place, we focus on the education and support of women who decide to have a medical abortion performed on their own, at home.

Our mission is the broadly understood transfer of knowledge, especially where abortion is limited by restrictive law, stigmatization, or other cultural and social constraints.

Every woman can buy original abortion pills without a prescription and perform a legal, effective pregnancy termination in a place where she feels safe.

The optimal price of the morning-after pill means that every woman can benefit from the treatment, regardless of her professional or financial status. The total cost of purchasing drugs is approximately EUR 200.

The foundation of our Organization is dignity, human rights, reproductive justice and abortion knowledge. “I am selling a miscarriage kit (day after pill)” is just a password and it doesn’t fix the problem. Our organization goes much deeper into the subject of abortion. We popularize medical facts and world statistics that support abortion in the case of unwanted pregnancy with abortion drugs. We focus on increasing access to knowledge and medical resources allowing for a safe medical abortion at home with the use of abortion pills. We are changing the language and directions of discussions around abortion-related topics. We debunk all myths about abortion, miscarriage and day-after pills. We share our experience and knowledge. We openly oppose any restrictions and restrictions affecting women’s freedom.

We promote self-conducted, legal home abortion as:

  • practical, safe and immediate solutions to the problem of women who have experienced an unplanned and unwanted pregnancy with abortion medications;
  • a method to protect the health and life of women, thanks to which each of them has an impact on the shape of their future, can strengthen their position and decide about their motherhood themselves;
  • a practical, tangible form of bringing a woman’s life back to its initial state, which allows her to take into account her needs and decide for herself when she will be ready for changes in her life;
  • respect for human rights.

Our strengths

The Most Experienced and Well-coordinated Team of Experts in the World

We have great understanding for women who struggle with the problems of unwanted pregnancy. For 25 years, supporting women around the world, we create new stories together with them, always striving for a positive ending.

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  • The best experts
  • Original drugs
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  • Confidentiality and discretion