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Welcome to Safe-abortion.org

Legal abortion on demand

Our organization is registered in a country where abortion is legal, and access to abortion drugs is universal and does not cause social opposition. This means that all actions taken with us are safe and free from any legal consequences.

We operate as a pharmacy where every woman can buy original abortion pills. The abortion pills offered by our store are available without a prescription.

The low cost of their purchase makes the treatment available to every woman.

  • Abortion pills are the safest way to end an unplanned pregnancy
  • We guarantee access to original abortion drugs, the effectiveness of which reaches 98%
  • We provide professional care and assistance 7 days a week

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We take quick and effective actions

In the case of an unwanted pregnancy that a woman decides to terminate. In 2004, a clinical guide from the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists in Great Britain, based on research conducted, concluded that the medical combination of two drugs: mifepristone and misoprostol is a safe and effective alternative to surgical methods of abortion up to the 9th week of pregnancy. The opinions of the World Health Organization (WHO) are unequivocal.

The abortion kit consisting of the combination of mifepristone and misoprostol drugs is safe for the health and life of the woman.

The abortion medications used during the procedure cause a successful miscarriage up to the 9th week of pregnancy. Due to the increased risk of complications, taking abortion pills after this time is only possible under medical supervision in a hospital environment.

Based on this knowledge and on our own experience, we will provide you with the necessary support, taking immediate action, within a maximum of two days you will receive abortion pills.

The process does not require a visit to a pharmacy, and no prescription is needed. We deliver the abortion kit you ordered to the address provided. We send medicines by courier, directly from the country where the Organization is located. The express parcel reaches the addressee within 72 hours.

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Rozmawiamy o aborcji

We are openly talking about abortion

According to the opinions and results of research, every third woman of working age terminated a pregnancy at least once in her life. Women have the full right to decision-making autonomy in the field of reproductive freedom. Pill after and others abortion medications allow you to achieve this independence.

An unwanted pregnancy complicates life. Usually associated with the so-called a slip-up – that is, fertilization resulting from failure to apply protective measures or their incorrect operation. Such situations cause despair, panic and shock. We know these emotions. During nearly 25 years of our activity, we have provided support to thousands of women by distributing abortion pills all over the world. We can talk about unwanted pregnancy, support and share our experiences. Miscarriage it is not and will never be a taboo subject for us.

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We value your right to make your own decisions

We know how important independence and the ability to make autonomous decisions are for you. Based on our knowledge and experience, we will provide you with the necessary support, taking immediate action. You will receive abortion pills within a maximum of four days.



      Abortion drugs should reach you no later than 72 hours after placing the order



      You will be under the care of a doctor, thanks to which you are guaranteed a successful and safe treatment



      You can talk to our specialists – before, during and after the procedure

Unplanned pregnancy

The two lines on the test do not always bring joy, if the pregnancy is unplanned, it usually causes shock. The problem of unplanned and, additionally, unwanted pregnancy is nowadays a social problem. I will sell abortion pills, how much is home pregnancy termination, where to buy abortion pills? There are more and more such advertisements on the Internet. This shows the scale of interest in the subject of abortion.

According to statistics in Europe, every year among the diagnosed pregnancies, as many as 38 percent. is unplanned. All over the world, their number is approx. 55%. all conceive. The number of girls and women who are not ready to become mothers is around 75%, of which around 64% are decides to have an abortion, and 11 percent. knowingly causes a miscarriage. Unplanned pregnancy it concerns both mature women, who most often failed contraception, and adolescents and young women who lead a free lifestyle.

It has been known for a long time that the quality of motherhood is influenced by material and living security, such as housing or financial resources necessary for life. On the other hand, the consequence of starting a family early is often long-term social exclusion, for example due to the hindered possibilities of education and obtaining the dream profession. Typically, a teenage girl who becomes pregnant does not return to school anymore, let alone get a university degree. The partner – the father of the child also plays a special role in this situation. If there is no responsibility on his part, the chances of a happy end to an unwanted pregnancy decrease.

A debate about abortion without facts is impossible

Abortion disputes only indicate that the scale of ignorance in this matter is enormous. There is little knowledge specifically about abortion, but also more generally – about conception, pregnancy, childbirth and what happens to the woman afterwards. The fact is that a large group of women do not find out that they have had a miscarriage at the time this occurs. This is because of ignorance, as they most often confuse a miscarriage with a delayed period. The most extensive sex education has been conducted by members of parliament for years, who have definitely not learned in this field from schools. Today they are the experts on abortion and the female body. They want to dictate to women how to live, depriving them of the right to make decisions freely. The confusion of public opinion is also caused by firm declarations of pro-life movements and the Church. In order not to get lost in all of this, there is one thing to remember:

debating abortion and miscarriage without facts is impossible, and so are the false myths.

The pregnancy was not a result of rape, it was not in any way threatened, but I feel it was a threat to me. I know that my life would change completely, and I wasn’t ready for such a change yet. The only right choice was a miscarriage Every woman, including YOU, has the right to such requests.

For many years, abortion has aroused great emotions among people who are often not. Meanwhile, it should be an individual decision of each woman, because they are fighting a dramatic fight with themselves. Women should know where they can buy abortion medications, how to apply them and what is their cost. There are many reasons for an abortion. Often the father does not want another child, the partner threatens to leave, or the woman has career plans that prevent pregnancy and motherhood. Sometimes the only obstacle may be the lack of money or the lack of housing. Regardless of the reason, a woman needs time and space to allow herself to calmly decide whether to maintain or terminate the pregnancy and whether or not to take the abortion pill. A few days should pass between the confirmation of the pregnancy and the decision to abort for her to think about everything. So that she could make the right decision.

Abortions have been, are and will be common. They are legal in most countries in the world. It’s just a fact. Although it is not discussed publicly, statistics show that one in three women decided to terminate the pregnancy.

Even if the decision to terminate the pregnancy was made for health reasons, there are still many myths about abortion procedures, pharmacological miscarriages, abortion pills, related experiences of women and specific information such as knowing how much it may cost. Why is this happening?

Because abortion still stigmatizes women who have terminated their pregnancies. Because of this, they feel uncomfortable and do not speak openly about their decisions.

Aborticide Mifepristone

The drug was developed by scientists at the French pharmaceutical company Roussel Uclaf in the early 1980s. While researching glucocorticoid receptor antagonists, a group of researchers found that some compounds block the similarly shaped progesterone receptor. Further work on the preparation led to production abortion pill RU-486, a drug used interchangeably under the name Mifepristone (Plan B – Morning-After Pill).

Clinical trials for the drug began in Europe in 1982. Their results showed that self-administration of the drug causes a complete abortion in 60% of patients. women. Studies have also shown that supplementing the treatment with small doses of the prostaglandin analog mifepristone, administered on the last day of treatment, increases the effectiveness of miscarriages to 98%. France, as one of the first countries in 1988, recommended mifepristone for early abortion, promoting the slogan for sale drug for termination of pregnancy.

Abortion pill , where to buy, what is the price?

Since 1988, the mifepristone morning after pill has been legal and widely used for pharmacological abortion in over 60 countries around the world.

Worldwide, tens of millions of women use abortion drugs mifepristone and misoprostol. This combination of drugs is most effective. The price of the set should not be higher than 250 €. If a supplier wants to sell abortion pills at a higher price, there is a great probability that he is trying to cheat us.

The Mifepristone morning after pill is marketed under a variety of brand names around the world. You can buy it from a secure source by placing an order on our website. It’s good to know that the tablet is also available in the black, unregulated markets. Both the sources of origin and the quality of drugs sold in this way are questionable, so it is worth using a proven supplier such as our organization.

Pharmacological abortion using the drug mifepristone is assessed by the World Health Organization (WHO) as a safe alternative to gynecological surgery before 12 weeks of pregnancy. It is an extremely effective early medical abortion pill.. A miscarriage that occurs as a result of taking this preparation is safe. The most important side effects are abdominal pain, uterine contractions and vaginal bleeding.

Misoprostol — is a synthetic analogue of the prostaglandin E1 hormone, has a pro-inflammatory, protective effect on the gastric mucosa, stimulates uterine contractions, and dilates blood vessels. These hormones are formed as a result of the transformation of arachidonic acid with the participation of an enzyme called cyclooxygenase. Misoprostol is indicated for the prevention of gastric and duodenal ulceration associated with NSAID therapy. The drug also causes miscarriage, premature birth, and death of the fetus. Due to its composition, it is quickly absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract. The maximum concentration of the active metabolite is reached 30 minutes after taking the drug, which means that the biological half-life is from 20 to 40 minutes. The drug does not accumulate in the body.

Medical abortion enables non-invasive termination of an unwanted pregnancy within 9 weeks. It consists in the administration of abortion pills, such as mifepristone and misoprostol. These drugs cause a miscarriage. The complete abortion kit consists of one mifepristone pill and six misoprostol tablets.

Our organization supports legal and safe abortion - we recommend abortion pills

Medical abortion is a safe method that has been used by millions of women for years, not only in Europe, but also around the world.

The day after tablet is available without a prescription in most countries. If you live in a country where a woman does not have access to a safe abortion, it is best and safest to have a home abortion using a combination of two abortion drugs – mifepristone (alternatively known as: pill, abortion pill, and early abortion pill) and misoprostol.

Termination of pregnancy with these abortion drugs is effective in over 98%.

If you live in a country where safe abortion is not available, please contact us. You can buy from us Morning After Pill.

With the support of our doctors, you will be able to independently, at home, perform a legal abortion using mifepristone and misoprostol. Medical abortion is a safe method that has been used by millions of women for years, not only in Europe, but also around the world.

The affordable price of drugs makes them available to every woman in need.

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Gdzie kupić tabletki poonne

Where can I buy abortion pills? How much can Morning After Pill cost?

These and other questions always arise when we start considering the pharmacological termination of pregnancy, especially since the access to abortifacient drugs in some places is limited. In most countries, the abortion pills is given by your doctor during an office visit and can be purchased at the pharmacy. In others, the distribution is done by a pharmacy, shop or super-market. It is different in the market of some countries. Neither the pharmacy nor the prescription will help you. Legal restrictions and the lack of legalization of abortion-related topics mean that distribution is done not only by organizations with a fair goal, but also by unauthorized suppliers who are looking for a quick profit.

There are many medicines on the market of unknown origin and composition. Taking drugs from such sources may cause dangerous and irreversible consequences for health and even life. For this reason, the Morning-after pill (Plan B / Emergency contraception) should only be purchased from a proven source.

The price of the Mifepristone and Misoprostol kit should not exceed 250 €.

Abortion kit at suspiciously low prices, significantly different from the above-mentioned amount, is most often sold by dishonest suppliers who want to sell, not help.

Such distributors are dishonest if they ship an incomplete kit that is incorrectly labeled as complete, or provide abortion medications of unknown origin from illegal, medically unverified sources, or charge for a product that they do not ship at all.

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Effectiveness of abortion pills therapy in 2021.

Abortion pills are the safest and most effective way to induce a medical abortion (period restoration). Below we present the details of the treatments carried out under our care in 2021.

Successful treatment 98%
Re-treatment 1%
Failure 1%

Trustworthy doctors

We will take care of you from the beginning to the very end of the treatment.

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7 days in a week. We guarantee professional care as well as safe and original drugs. We value your privacy and guarantee full discretion.

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Remember, abortion is not a whim

Women sought, are looking and will be looking for help in terminating an unwanted pregnancy. Removing it is dangerous if women accept risky methods and refrain from buying abortion pills. The most risky abortion methods are: piercing the uterus with a sharp instrument, sitting on the stomach in order to push the fetus out, or prescribing dangerous preparations and potions from illegal sources.

Looking only at the moral point of view, everything speaks in favor of respecting a woman’s personal freedom and her bodily autonomy. Instead of forcing women to report an unwanted pregnancy that threatens her health or life – the environment, health care, doctors should support her by popularizing legal abortion procedures. No woman pays for someone to puncture her uterus because she just felt like it. No woman looks for abortion drugs online because she wants to see what they look like and taste. Criticism and evaluation are simple, but it will in no way change the decisions of women who cannot or do not want to give birth to a child. A legal miscarriage is needed. So is access to over-the-counter abortion medications.

Our organization popularizes contraception in order to contribute to lowering the percentage of pregnancies among minors. By sharing his knowledge, he also gives support to any woman who wants to induce a miscarriage with abortion drugs. Systemic irregularities cause girls and women to be mutilated and killed because they resort to unproven, risky solutions.

Abortion pills, which are illegal in some countries, are drugs which should be generally available at any pharmacy or even shop. All rules that punish women deserve to be condemned, rather than being modern laws that fall within the framework of international human rights.

Pharmacological abortion and the morning-after pill - knowledge based on facts

  • On September 28, the International Day of Access to Legal and Safe Abortion is celebrated around the world. It has been permanently recorded on the pages of our calendars from the initiative carried out by the International Campaign for Women’s Rights to Safe Abortion – a group that brings together almost 1,800 organizations and individual activists from 115 countries. The main purpose of their activities is to guarantee women the fundamental right to self-determination and to reduce the number of deaths of women caused by miscarriages carried out in unsafe conditions.
  • Pharmacological abortion with the use of abortion pills is like a natural miscarriage. The opinions of women who used morning after pills to terminate pregnancy confirm this fact.
  • Pharmacological abortion and legal abortion drugs do not risk any major complications.
  • Abortion pills – mifepristone and misoprostol are on the list of drugs approved for use by the World Health Organization (WHO). Pharmacological abortion is recognized by this organization as the safest form of termination of pregnancy at home.
  • How much can a pharmacological abortion cost? The original complete abortion kit is one mifepristone pill and several misoprostol pills. The cost is approx. EUR 250 plus shipping costs.
  • Pharmacological abortion is safe, it can be performed many times. There are no indications that a medical abortion performed more than once would have a negative impact on a woman’s health.
  • Medical abortion and abortion pills mifepristone and misoprostol are widely used not only in most European countries but also around the world. In European countries, such as Germany or France, a woman receives a morning after pill from a doctor together with a recommendation that the miscarriage should take place at home.
  • After taking the abortion pills mifepristone and misoprostol, statistically only 2 out of 100 women have symptoms that require medical consultation.
  • Abortion with abortion pills, also known as home abortion, is the safest, simplest and cheapest method of terminating a pregnancy. For a safe home / pharmacological abortion, a woman needs an abortion kit, which she can buy from an organization like ours.
  • Miscarriage caused by abortion tablets mifepristone and misoprostol, as recommended, makes the termination of pregnancy nearly 98% effective.
  • Most doctors in the case of an unwanted pregnancy use surgical abortion only after the sixth week of pregnancy. Pharmacological abortion can be effectively used as soon as pregnancy is diagnosed, i.e. in the first weeks of pregnancy. An abortion performed in the early stages of pregnancy has a significant impact on the safety and health of a woman, and the abortion medications used during the procedure do not affect the woman’s health.
  • Misoprostol is an early morning pill used in hospitals by doctors differently from the one recommended in the Summary of Product Characteristics. This means not only its use in unregistered indications, but also in different patient populations or dosages. The pill is most often used in the event of an ongoing miscarriage or to clean the uterus after a miscarriage. The use of drugs for purposes for which they are not explicitly registered is very common in medicine and often concerns drugs used in psychiatry, oncology and paediatrics. An example of such a practice is, for example, prescribing drugs that are mainly used in the treatment of depressive disorders for the treatment of premature ejaculation.
  • The misoprostol abortion pill or the misoprostol abortion kit and mifepristone are recommended as abortion medications, effective, safe and extensively tested up to the 12th week of pregnancy.
  • Bleeding is a natural side effect of a pharmacological abortion. It takes an average of 9 to 14 days. Every body reacts to abortion medications differently, so there are cases in which a woman bleeds and sheds clots (tissue, blood) for up to 4 weeks. During this time, the woman’s reproductive organs are self-cleaning.
  • Taking abortion pills up to 9 weeks of pregnancy is much safer than using Viagra. According to the American Medical Association, the death rate after taking a potency pill is 1 in 20,000. The deaths resulting from a medical abortion are estimated at less than 1 in 100,000. It is interesting that in many countries such a pill is available without prescription but prescription abortion pills.
  • Abortion is the most obvious and effective solution for women in an unwanted pregnancy. According to a WHO report, more than 50 million early-stage abortions are performed worldwide each year. No long-term negative health effects from this treatment have been observed, although these medications are often sold over the counter.
  • Pharmacological miscarriage after taking a combination of pharmaceuticals, which includes the mifepristone early morning pill and the misoprostol drug. This method is 98% effective. abortions performed before the 12th week of pregnancy.
  • Full fertility after pharmacological abortion occurs during the next ovulation.
  • Buying abortion pills through an Organization like ours website and a pharmacologically induced home miscarriage is perfectly legal.
  • Help and support for a woman during home abortion, accompanying her while taking pills, giving advice, any help and substantive support is completely legal.
  • International Organizations, such as ours, that support universal access to abortion act like a pharmacy where specialists are hired to share knowledge and provide assistance. A prescription is not needed to buy abortion pills.
  • Abortion pills used during medical abortion do not cause any long-term health effects. All traces of taking the mifepristone abortion tablet disappear from the body after several hours, while after taking misoprostol, after a few hours of taking it.
  • The usual symptoms of the abortion pill are a rise in body temperature, chills and diarrhea. Their occurrence is completely natural, does not last long and does not mean that it will appear in every woman.
  • A medical examination or ultrasound examination after a pharmacological abortion is not necessary, but, as indicated by doctors’ opinions, it is recommended as a control measure.
  • Pharmacological miscarriage has certain consequences. Post-abortion symptoms, which are included in the group of disturbing symptoms, are persistent for several days, additionally intensifying lower abdominal pain, high temperature and unpleasant smell of vaginal discharge. This means that the vagina has not been completely cleaned. In order to remove the tissues, the woman should see a doctor immediately.
  • A control plate pregnancy test, which can be purchased at any pharmacy, should be performed no earlier than 3-4 weeks after the pharmacological abortion has been performed. According to statistics, about 66 percent. Urine pregnancy tests 2 weeks after the abortion indicate pregnancy, even when the woman is no longer pregnant. It has been medically confirmed that the bHCG hormone remains in the urine and blood for up to 2 weeks after a successful abortion. An alternative to the plate pregnancy test is a blood test. However, to confirm the declining ratio of bHCG, which means that the pregnancy has been terminated, two blood tests should be done 1-2 days apart.

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